2017 Events  dates and locations
South West Region Aerospace Education Officer School    Sept 22 -24  Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque NM
   contact: Lt Col Roland Dewing 505-235-4520 
                       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
   more information to be posted on this site as developed

Teacher's and AEM's are welcome to attend all classes but Saturday includes the Teacher Orientation program  morning hands on,  (CAP AE produducts) and afternoon flights in CAP aircraft. Its recommended that Teacher's wanting to fly should become an AEM prior to attending by going to:   https://www.capnhq.gov/CAP.MembershipSystem.Web/AEMOnline.aspx  
There is no fee for Teachers and AEM's to attend, but box lunch is $5 and  banquet $25 there is a $35 one membership fee to become an AEM. AEM's can order all CAP products and STEM kits for their classroom.

 Preliminary schedule

       Friday Morning Sept 22: 9:00am - 1:00pm  (Optional)  additional individual cost
               National Museum of Nuclear Science & History www.nuclearmuseum.org   
              and or, Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum
      Friday Afternoon: 1:30pm - 6:30pm  (NM Wing HQ) 
                  AE Regulations and Pamphlets, AE awards
                                   6:30 Dinner (on own, or as group go out to eat)
      Saturday Morning Sept 23rd 8:00am - 1:00pm ( AFRL Star Base) 
                 Hands on, AE programs and products, AEX, ACE
                 Teachers and AEMs attending morning session for TOP

       Saturday 1:00am - 1:30pm  Box lunch provided at CAP Base Ops
                 $30 class fee covers box lunch and evening banquet 
                        1:30pm - 6:00pm  (CAP Base Ops) AEM's take flight
                   AEO's observe and help in the flight procedures and continue with
                               budgets, grants and funding.
        Saturday 7:00pm Informal Banquet location TBA 
                                       Speaker: TBA
        Sunday Morning Sept 24 8:00am - 9:00am Chaplain services (optional)
                      9:00am - 12:00pm  (NM Wing HQ) AE eservices reports and inspections
        Sunday 12:00pm Class over

Teacher Orientation Programs (TOP) Sept 23
4 hours of theory (Using Aerospace and CAP STEM kits and Products in the classroom) and in the afternoon a 1hr flight in a CAP aircraft. 

Mini Aerospace Extravaganza  
Speakers, rockets and airplanes  TBA

Aerospace Officer seminar/webX  
Best practice and squadron support


AEO's and Cadets start thinking about your poster for the 2017 Wing Conference.

    rules::  any size up to  24"x 36:
        Theme will be announced in August 
         Get it to Wind Conference, (You do not need to be present, If you can't attend get it to your Aerospace Officer or Commander to bring to the conference.) Make sure Lt. Col. Dewing receives it.    1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awared at the Saturday banquet, prizes will be sent to  those not attending .


Click on the subject below to download Ted's Power Point Presentations
Size of file shown for files lager that 2MB.

AEO's and AEM's click select your STEM Kit. 

Astronomy, Flight Simulator, Robotics, Rocketry, Model and Remote Controled Aircraft,  Weather Station, Quadcopter, Hydraulic Engineeing, Raspberry PI, Ready-to-Fly-Quadcopter.


AEO's AEROSPACE EDUCATION Plan of Action and Activity  REPORTS due Wing Oct. 15  completed thru eservices


  Anyone member  (Cadet or Senior) can sumitt a nomination. Please take the time to nominate cadets and seniors for the award they deserve! We use the wing conference awards for our nominations to Region. (Click on award to be directed to National AE about award)


Frank G. Brewer - Civil Air Patrol Memorial Aerospace Awards  
(Wing AE Cadet of the year) is Category I - Civil Air Patrol Cadet Member
(Wing AE Senior of the year) is Category II - Civil Air Patrol Senior Member
Category III – Individual or Organization outside of Civil Air Patrol 
Category IV - Lifetime Achievement

Wing Aerospace Education Officer of the Year
Wing Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year



Squadron Aerospace Education Excellence Award  every squadron should be working on getting the excellence award. Complete six aerospace activities and one two-hour or longer field experience (space day, trip to the airport or museum, etc.) between Oct 31- Sept,to earn a beautiful wooden instructor plaque plus color certificates for your students. 

Yeager Award Every seninor should work to get the Yeager Award, the on line test for "Aerospace the Journey of Flight" the book can be downloaded on eservices, AE downloads and resources.



 Mary Fiek 1924-2016  ( Cadet Achevement 3) 
ttended several New Mexico Wing conferences and our Aerospace Extravaganza.


19 year old Mary Fiek inspecting her design of a Captivair for a WWII P-51

New Mexico Wing Aerospace Education Staff
Director of Aerospace Education: Ltc. Roland Dewing        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Internal Aerospace Education: 2lt Jane Lingenfelter            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
External Aerospace Education: Ltc.Ted Spitzmiller  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
                                   Assistant: Maj. Bob Will   moaaawd1#hotmail.com

New Mexico Aerospace Education advisors:
   CAP Maj. . John English (Space Science)
     (Data engineer on Mariner mission to Mars)
   CAP Capt. Ken Johnston (Apollo Specialist)
   (Trained Apollo Astronauts to fly lunar module,)

   AEM Jerald Cross (Model Rocket Specialist)

Southwest Region AE Chief of Staff: Lt. Col. Levent Vural CAP
            Lt. Col. Levent is a Aerospace Engineer by profession

 New Mexico AEO's  

Alamogordo Composite Squadron 073     2nd Lt. Martin Cameron                   
Albuquerque Heights Composite Sq. 083 Cpt.  Mary Ann Fox                                        
Albuquerque Senior Squadron II  030       Cpt. Bonnie Lee Morehardt
Clovis Composite Squadron 060               2nd Lt. Arron Woodring 
Eagle Squadron  012                                 1st Lt. James McKelvey
Farmington Composite Squadron  068      Maj.  Alta Zenonian               
Gallup Composite Squadron 065              SM  Willian Hesidence       
Las Cruces Composite Sq.  024                Lt. Col. Alan Fisher                    
Los Alamos Composite Sq. 016                2nd Lt. DeWayne Britton
Rio Rancho Falcon Composite Sq.  077    Cpt.  Leslie Eachus
Roswell Composite Sq.  082                      Maj. Louis Mallion
Route 66 Composite Squadron  085           SM William Hesidence

Santa Fe Composite Sq.  018                     Cpt.Roger A Tennant
Socorro Composite Sq. 084                       2nd Lt. Michael Worley           
Taos Senior Sq. 006                                   SM John A Fair          
Thunderbird Composite Sq. 033                 Lt. ColDr Charles W Wood
West Mesa Composite Sq. 055                    Cpt. Daren Gallacher

Group 800   Cadet Squadrons          
Tony Hillerman Middle School 818                               1st Lt. Garland S Harris

LBJ Middle School                    811                              Cpt. Keriann Delorme  
Rio Rancho Lincoln
Middle School 805                        Cpt.   Paula S Blagrave            
Belin Middle School                  819                              SM Martin Reeves 
Espanola Carlos F Vigil Middle School    820               Cpt.   Jason Clark *  
Socorro High School                 822                              2nd Lt. Christina  Oxford

National Headquarters Aerospace Resources:

AEO Schools, reports Awards for senior, cadets and Teachers, AEX Awards Program,
AFA Grants, Teacher TOP, Model Rocketry Program, Publications

Links to other Aerospace Related Web Sites:

Air Force Association AFA
Air&Space Smithsonian  
We Choose the Moon
Utube videos  Col. Joseph Kittinger Felix Baumgartner
Last B36 now at Pima was at Amon Carter Field Ft Worth 
Starship Schemtics
Free Flightsimulators  Article on X-Plane, FlightGear and Orbiter - view information, screenshots and download directly from the article.

Aerospace Web Sites:





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Special Notes

Annual Scholarships Available for Cadets and Seniors to attend Special Activities.